10 Selfies That Went To The EXTREME

Everyone loves taking a selfie once in a very whereas once the place and occasion are acceptable. there's nothing wrong with sharing some exciting moments in your life with friends...and the globe.

Even celebrities picked up this viral trend (like being perpetually pursued by paparazzi isn't enough already).

There are differing kinds of selfies, a number of them square measure pretty innocent. however we have a tendency to don't wish to speak regarding normal stuff here, right?

The selfies you'll see below are plenty more than a duck-faced ask Instagram attention. whether or not they are intentional or simply perfectly timed, these self-portraits claim to be the best and funniest of all taken up to now.

10 - Christ

Oh, you know, simply a selfie from the open arms of Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue. No massive deal

9 - Bull shot

This is how millennials run with the bulls.

8 - Gym? Learn guys, how I get them girls!

7 - When the cops pull you over, don't forget to take a selfie. This child might have a hell of a group of selfies with cops.

6 - Here's a fireman who took the chance to snap a selfie ahead of a burning house. What an idiot!

5 - Safety Selfie

This guy survived a plane crash and has the epic selfie to prove it!

4 - This one is just too ‘cute' and funny to ignore

3 - And this is what we call a perfectly-timed “before-disaster” selfie

2 - Old School Selfie

This whipper snapper almost had us fooled! LOL

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10 Selfies That Went To The EXTREME

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