San Diego - Top 10 photos that will make you want to visit San Diego 2019

As there are often great deals on flights to San Diego under $400 round-trip, and San Diego is always in the shadow of its better known Californian brothers San Francisco and Los Angeles, here are the top 10 photos of the city of Southern California, just to make you want to go there!

San Diego is one of the sunniest cities in North America. This is already a good reason to go to visite its beaches. But in addition, the region has a lot to offer and has a very different "vibe" from other major Californian cities. So take advantage of the current bargain for $360 flights and check out the locations below.

I came across a great collection of photos of a photographer named Frankie, on his Frankie Foto site, here are the best pictures, check out his site if you want to see more.

So here's the Top 10. Tell us in the comments which one you prefer!

11 - The docks

San Diego Docks

Nothing makes a more "Pacific Ocean" than the Californian wharves.

10 - The varied coastal landscapes

San diego landscapes

Although San Diego has excellent beaches, the coastal landscapes are varied.

9 - The dazzling sun

The dazzling sun of San Diego

Located directly on the waterfront (San Diego Bay), the city shines.

8 - Surfing

A favourite place for many surfers, the heat and sun being as much a part of the experience as the waves.

7 - The rocks

The rocks of San Diego

If you don't like having sand stuck on you, you can always admire the sunsets over the ocean.

6 - The story

Many consider San Diego to be the birthplace of California and there are many reminders of Mexican colonial history

5 - The sunsets

It has already been briefly mentioned, but it is impossible to make a list of San Diego's achievements without this magnificent cliché.

4 - Nature

There are not only palm trees as flora, California is quite varied.

3 - The city centre

The city centre of San Diego

San Diego is not a small fishing village: the lively city centre is lined with marinas... and mountains.

2 - The rail on the waterfront

Are you interested in a day of exploration? Leave San Diego for Los Angeles aboard the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner, a unique journey!

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San Diego - Top 10 photos that will make you want to visit San Diego 2019

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