20 Epic Shots That Prove Parenting Is Not an Easy Game

There's nothing more rewarding than bringing a new person into the world.
That said, taking care of a new baby isn't straightforward.
And living with them is hard...just ask their older siblings.

We've collected the funniest pictures showing that parenting is a hard game!

20 - You have got to admire the kid's energy

19 - This little girl doesn't want to sleep alone, but has such a tiny, tiny bed...

gmlgp9868 / Imgur

18 - That's one way to wean your kids off of soda.

Fanie1157 / Reddit

17 - You just know that little girl is the mastermind here.

Captain_Davey / Reddit

16 - At first, it's cute that the kids want to sleep in your bed.

kmynameis / Reddit

15 - "Look, Mom. He followed me home!"

SeriesOfAdjectives / Reddit

14 - How did that kid get all the way up there?

Unknown / Imgur

13 - Now, your new laptop is all pretty!

craghawk / Reddit

12 - Did you think people were kidding about babies being loud?

DDario / Reddit

11 - Silver lining: At least the kid still looks clean.

Mumster / Reddit

10 - Just be happy he didn't get into the milk too!

ImmaBadW0lf / Reddit

9 - All in all, the wedding was still fun.

I_AM_HE_WHO_IS_I_AM / Reddit

8 - You might have lost your privacy, but at least you'll never be lonely.

atmospheric / Imgur

7 - Pets are supposed to train you for kids, but this is too literal.

sethanold / Reddit

6 - Sometimes, kids just forget how to sit.

thegreatbarcia / Reddit

5 - It's actually kind of sweet that he tried to "clean" a book.

The_Anti-Monitor / Reddit

4 - To be fair, even Santa knows that anytime can be naptime.

biggerstr0nger / Reddit

3 - Marrying a man raised by cats has its advantages.

SwirlStick / Reddit

2 - It can be hard to realize your kids are just like you.

fourg / Reddit

1 - Because being a parent means going the extra mile

HeyjonA / Reddit

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20 Epic Shots That Prove Parenting Is Not an Easy Game

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